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Snapshots from DesignBoost at Arkitekturmuseet

February 15, 2010

We have put up a lot of images from all different parts of DesignBoost at Arkitekturmuseet which took place last week in Stockholm. BoostChat (workshops), BoostTalk (lectures and panels), BoostShow (exhibition), coffee breakes, lunches and after hour events like cocktails and our big party.

Go to the box named DesignBoost Arkitekturmuseet just below our periodic system. Here are a few posted just as temptation.


BoostTalk streamed online!

February 11, 2010

The BoostTalk on Friday 12 February during DesignBoost Arkitekturmuseet in Stockholm was sold out in thirty minutes.

We are now happy to announce that we will stream all lectures, panels and seminar online on Friday 12th between 9.45am and 5.15pm. You can listen to personalities like Karim Rashid, Ross Lovegrove, Ilse Crawford, Stephen Burks, Ineke Hans, Richard Hutten, Katrin Olina, Satyendra Pakale, Monica Förster, Henrik Otto, Bjarke Ingels, James Irvine, Gert Wingårdh, Ilkka Suppanen, Thomas Sandell and Jens Fager.

Simply go to and you will be re-directed to the DesignBoost at Arkitekturmuseet BoostChat “Design for Life”.

If you would like to comment and discuss the BoostChat via Twitter use #designboost.

Program for BoostTalk February 12th

January 27, 2010

Programme for BoostTalk during DesignBoost at Arkitekturmuseet Friday February 12


Inaugural speech by David Carlson and Peer Eriksson from Designboost.


Jens Fager
Richard Hutten
Satyendra Pakhale

2 minute leg stretch

Ilse Crawford
Ross Lovegrove


13.00 OFFICIAL OPENING OF BOOSTSHOW (exhibition) ”Design for Life”. Inaugural speech speech by museum director Lena Rahoult.


Stephen Burks
Bjarke Ingels
Karim Rashid

2 minute leg stretch

14.40 SEMINAR ”Space for Life” with Ineke Hans, Karim Rashid, James Irvine, Henrik Otto and Ross Lovegrove. Moderators: David Carlson and Peer Eriksson.


16.00 PANEL DISCUSSION ”Design for Life” with Katrin Olina, Ilkka Suppanen, Gert Wingårdh, Monica Förster and Thomas Sandell. Moderators: David Carlson and Peer Eriksson.

16.50 WIND-UP: David Carlson and Peer Eriksson

17.00 THE END

Ross Lovegrove plus Henrik Otto and Jens Fager

January 22, 2010
We are happy to announce that Ross Lovegrove will attend and talk at DesignBoost February 12 at Arkitekturmuseet in Stockholm. Also Henrik Otto, design manager at Electrolux and Jens Fager, the new hope for Swedish Design, will come and share their visions about how we create design for a better life.
-Ross Lovegrove in one of the leading Design icons and we are of course very happy that he has chosen to participate at DesignBoost. On  the other hand Jens Fager is just in the beginning of his career. I am sure that we will here a lot about him in the future, says David Carlson, from Designboost.
-The theme for DesignBoost at Arkitekturmuseet is “Design for Life”. It’s important to look at sustainable design with a holistic view. At DesignBoost we will discuss how companies and organizations can use design as a competitive advantage. It will be interesting to listen to Henrik Otto, how he is working with design thinking as chief designer at Electrolux, says Peer Eriksson, from Designboost.

New speakers for Arkitekturmuseet revealed

January 19, 2010

As reported earlier DesignBoost will take place at Arkitekturmuseet in Stockholm February 11-12. The overall theme is “Design for Life”. As earlier years Designboost has invited speakers from all over the world which represent the true frontline within design.

Today Designboost reveals four new speakers for the BoostTalk (lectures) on February 12th.

Karim Rashid – one of the most prolific designers of his generation. Over 3000 designs in production, over 300 awards and working in over 35 countries

Ilse Crawford – a creative director and designer who crosses the worlds of brand creation, interiors and design.

Satyendra Pakhale – A cultural nomad born in India and now working from Amsterdam.

Monica Förster – One of the leading young designers from Sweden.

Last week Designboost revealed the name of the first nine speakers: Stephen Burks, Ineke Hans, Katrin Olina, Ilkka Suppanen, James Irvine, Richard Hutten, Bjarke Ingels, Gert Wingårdh and Thomas Sandell.

The entrance to the lectures on February 12 is free but you have to register no later than February 8 to

DesignBoost at Arkitekturmuseet in Stockholm

January 13, 2010


The theme of this autumn’s DesignBoost in Malmö was Design for Life. Now the question is once again being posed, how to make design economical, ecological and fair when DesignBoost collaborates with Arkitekturmuseet in Stockholm.

At this DesignBoost people of worldwide reputation such as Stephen Burkes, Ineke Hans, Katrin Olina, Ilkka Suppanen, James Irvine, Richard Hutten, Bjarke Ingels, Gert Wingårdh and Thomas Sandell will participate. Additional participants will be announced.

Design for Life is about how we shall shape our way of life. How we plan, produce, deliver and consume everything from cities, transportation and infrastructure as well as food, entertainment, products and brands. Over the years design unfortunately has developed more and more into an exceedingly contributing source of pollution and over consumption. Therefore some of the biggest names in the world of design will once again meet, to show how design and architecture may be used to create better conditions for people as well as for the environment.


One of the speakers is Stephen Burks, known among other things for his border breaking collaborations with artisans in South Africa and Peru.

We need to redefine design and focus on people’s needs, rather than just surface. When design is put in a humanistic perspective one understands the tremendous ability it has to make change happen, socially as well as economically and ecologically. With knowledge of design, we can solve and improve everyday life of people both in Sweden and globally, says Peer Eriksson.

DesignBoost at Arkitekturmuseeum in Stockholm will take place on the 11-12th of February with around seventy especially invited participants. During two days BoostChats (workshops) and BoostTalks (lectures) on the theme Design for Life will be held. BoostChat on the 11th is exclusively open to those especially invited guests while the talks on the 12th will be open to the public (the entrance to the talks on February 12 is free but you have to register no later than February 8 to


As a part of this a BoostShow (exhibition) with examples of holistic sustainable design will be open until the 9th of March.

DesignBoost invites the most pioneering thinkers. Stephen Burks is established as one of the worlds greatest designers but other brilliant talents will also attend, such as Bjarke Ingels, architect and maker of Denmark’s pavilion on the world exhibition in Shanghai later this year, David Carlson tells us. He, along with Peer Eriksson is the initiative behind DesignBoost.