Twelve first Boosters at DesignBoost 2009

September 17, 2009

Today we reveal the twelve first Boosters (speakers) at the BoostTalk (lectures) on October 15. As earlier years we have invited Boosters from all over the world which represent the true frontline within design in its broadest context:

Ken Yeang, Architect at Llewelyn Davies Yeang
Ilse Crawford, Creative director and Designer at Studio Ilse
Richard Hutten, Designer
Max Fraser, Director at Spotlight Press
Colin Drummond, Director of Cultural & Business Insights at Crispin Porter + Bogusky
Ineke Hans, Industrial designer
Katarina Graffman and Kristina Börjesson, Anthropologist respectively Researcher sustainable design
Magnus Lindqvist, Futurologist at Pattern Recognition
Behrang Miri, Rapper, Actor and Teacher
Jonas Pinzke and Harry MacNeil, Innovators for the greater good at The Good Guys

Ten more Boosters for the BoostTalk on October 15 will be revealed week 39.

Tickets are available here.


One Response to “Twelve first Boosters at DesignBoost 2009”

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