DesignBoost 2009 will focus on “Design for Life”.

May 15, 2009

The theme for the first Designboost key event, DesignBoost 2007, was “sustainable design”. Year two, DesignBoost 2008, focused on sustainable cities with the theme “Long live the city”. This year we will go deeper and look into sustainable life with a theme called “Design for Life”.

October 14-16 Designboost presents DesignBoost 2009 “Design for Life” in Malmö through a variety of integrated BoostChat (workshops), BoostTalk (lectures) and a BoostShow (exhibition). We will invite Boosters from all over the world which represent the true frontline within design in its broadest context. All are authorities in their field of expertise and our selection reflects the principle that design is multidisciplinary reaching way beyond the obvious. Our carefully selected Boosters will interact over three days with companies, organisations and institutions. 

BoostTalk and BoostShow is open for public as well.

When it comes to sustainable life there are probably many things that needs to be questioned, left could very well be right. The objective of DesignBoost 2009 is to make everybody question, reach awareness and think in new paths when it comes to creating better lives for lots of people. This is after all the ultimate goal for all design.


4 Responses to “DesignBoost 2009 will focus on “Design for Life”.”

  1. pallsopp42 Says:

    I live in the Phoenix Metro area and am discussing with colleagues at a couple of the major universities here establishing an entity in the Phoenix Metropolitan Area focused on public policy changes related to improving the resilience and ultimately the sustainability of our urban and natural environments. In this region (Sonoran Desert) our urban fabric and natural habitats have been widely devastated and destroyed by public policies that have supported developers with huge financial incentives which in turn have produced sprawl of the worst kind. Human habitation, community cohesiveness, public health, culture, climate and biodiversity have never been priorities in these policies. Yet today the Phoenix Metro area is the 4th largest of US cities. The current economic crisis (that won’t get better any time soon) is forcing the “profits at all costs” tide that got us all into this mess to turn to a far more balanced and pervasive approach. The problems are of course enormous and can’t be solved overnight by a single organization in a single region. It will take a couple of generations or more to undo and repair the ravages of the past 50+ years. If there is an interest, I can speak about what’s going on in the Phoenix Metro Area to improve our critical urban conditions.

    Phil Allsopp, RIBA, FRSA
    President & CEO
    The Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation
    Taliesin West
    Scottsdale, AZ 85259, USA

    • Bob Jacobson Says:

      Phil, hi, I’m in Tucson. Not connected to UA, but definitely here. In October, I’ll be moving to Malmö to work at Malmö U on new media issues, but I’ll be back in January and thereafter to see what’s happening in the Old Pueblo. Be in touch!


      • Bob:

        Sorry its been so long in replying. Look forward to catching up with you in October at DesignBoost.

        Malmo definitely has some problems what with Sweden’s immigration policies and the completely different culture that’s taking hold in the city. AT least that’s how it appears from afar.



  2. Duane De Witt Says:

    Hello and Good luck with your visonary work inthe face of flawed public policy and bad planning by government entities in your area.

    “Planning is Politics” is Castells line but it also is the reality of the US.

    With that said I have been through Phoenix numerous times. Often before the sprawl of the late 70s and on up through the cancerous “sprawlonoma” inflicted upon the fragile desert habitat.

    Frank Lloyd Wright talked of working with nature. Good Luck to you and if I and my colleagues in an international group known as Universal Design Associates can be of assistance please let me know.
    Duane De Witt

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